A "Living Allegory" Sermon
Baby is an amazing dog that God has touched to do special ministry work. People often ask: “How did you train your dog to do all those things?” Well the truth of the matter is; there has been very little training done. In fact, her master Rodney Keister has been the one to be trained the most by God as he picked up on the various natural traits of Baby’s actions during the very first sermon illustration she participated in. God’s clear leading in that original sermon illustration was to demonstrate how Baby obeys very well except when a ball becomes available, then obedience vanishes. As that first sermon Baby played a part in unfolded, it was noticed that God moved on the dog in some very unique ways. God had many plans far beyond her masters imagination when He taught her master to develop this full length living allegory sermon. You've got to see this sermon titled "Too Many Masters" to fully grasp the deep spiritual meaning brought forth throughout the message.

The current sermon presentation uses 5 different colored balls representing different things from temptations, to types of sins, to a change of heart, to diligence to serve God. As Baby reacts to each ball the whole plan of salvation from sin unfolds in a way that everyone can relate to our desperate need of God deliverance. Check it out for yourself by ordering a DVD or have baby and her master come to your church, school, or special event. There is no charge for the services or the DVD, but a free will offering or donation to help their mission work is greatly appreciated. All proceeds from the services they do and DVD donations go directly to their mission work. Learn more at: EvangelismMission.com
Baby's Sermon Presentation
No church, school, or event is too large or small for us to visit and share this unique message that penetrates the hearts of all ages. We do this as part of our missionary work across the USA. We travel with all the equipment needed to perform in church buildings, to fellowship halls, to open sky outdoors including mobile stages and a battery powered PA system.